1 December 2023

Liquin is the new name for former Vopak terminals in Botlek

Rotterdam, 1 December 2023 – The three chemical terminals in Botlek, Rotterdam, recently sold by Vopak to European infrastructure investor Infracapital, will continue under the name Liquin. This was announced today following the completion of the acquisition process.

Liquin is a large and independent chemical storage company in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) region that provides high-quality storage infrastructure services to its customers. Liquin has the ambition to grow in terms of sustainability, flexibility and efficiency under its new ownership. The world is changing and Liquin happily embraces those changes. By connecting the right parties, and identifying and seizing opportunities, the company will help its customers explore new avenues and grow their businesses. Liquin’s mission is: Building a world of endless opportunities. The company specializes in the handling and storage of complex chemical products. Liquin comprises the Botlek, Chemiehaven and TTR terminals where products such as ethanol, methanol, styrene and acrylonitrile are stored. Accordingly, safety is, and will always be, the number 1 priority for the company.

Confidence in the future

Our name has changed, but much will stay the same. The contracts and agreements continue unchanged, the management team and organization will also remain the same. We are confident that our company has a bright future. We are at the most advantageous location in the port of Rotterdam and, unlike many other companies, we still have space available to expand.

CEO Janhein van den Eijnden

Tremendous new momentum
Liquin employs 350 people, all of whom are involved in the transition from Vopak to the new company. Van den Eijnden: “The sale has created tremendous new momentum. Our employees want to make Liquin a success. Many of them have worked here for a long time and are eager to remain leaders in the handling and storage of liquid bulk and fine chemicals. Together with our clients, we want to explore new avenues, including the storage of renewable and sustainable products. Working safely remains of course our key priority.”

About Liquin
Liquin comprises a portfolio of three chemical terminals with a storage capacity of 1.5 million cbm. Liquin is strategically located in the Port of Rotterdam with excellent connectivity with surrounding chemical plants as well as with the Hinterland. Liquin offers extensive ship and barge access through 23 jetties, including 13 deep-sea jetties, and provides pipelines, truck and (un)loading facilities. A broad range of tank sizes offer our clients the flexibility to scale up or down according to current needs. Well-positioned for new energies and circular chemicals development, clients can start with smaller tanks and move to larger tanks as they scale up.

About Infracapital
Infracapital invests in, builds and manages a diverse range of essential infrastructure to meet the changing needs of society and support long-term economic growth. We take an active role in all of our investments, whether nascent or large, to fulfill their potential and ensure they are adaptable and resilient. Our approach creates value for our investors, as we target investments with the scope for stable and sustainable growth. Our portfolio companies work closely with the communities where they are based, to the benefit of all stakeholders. Infracapital is well positioned to deliver the significant investment required to help build the future. The founder-led team of experienced specialists has worked with more than 60 companies around Europe and has raised and managed €8.8 billion of client capital across seven funds. Infracapital is part of M&G Plc, an international savings and investments business, managing money for around 5 million retail customers and more than 800 institutional clients in 26 markets. Total assets under management are £342 billion (as at 31 December 2022).


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